Fixed Itinerary Tours

Choose from one of our Package Tours. Everything is taken care of: Motorcycles, Fuel, Routes, Guides, Accommodation, Full Backup Support. All you need to do is pick your adventure!

Flexible Itinerary Tours

Everything is the same as in our Fixed Itinerary Tours, except, YOU choose the dates when you want to travel. Even Better!

Xtreme Adventures

Been there, done that?! Perpetually seeking that elusive adrenaline rush that sets your heart racing? Look no more!! Whether it is riding at the edge of the cliffhanger peering down at the sheer 2000 foot drops; or riding up to the next mirage, filled with hope, only to find out that your mind is playing games with your distorted senses as the tarmac under your wheels melts in the 47-degree heat; or following the legend of the Ganges as you ride from the source to the sea in an unforgettable journey of epic proportions.
All Information about our Xtreme Adventure Tours is available on request. 

Special Offers

We are offering limited period discounts. Contact us to find out if you are eligible.